Organic Fungicides (Liquid) - RAZE

Raze is Organic Fungicides recommended in liquid form. This product is formulated based on organic origin and prepared from plants, which is environmentally safe. Raze is developed for targeting many problems like fungal diseases and pathogens.


  • Using RAZE through Foliar spraying will control early and late blight diseases in plants.
  • Raze helps us to kill plant pathogens like several fungi, bacteria, nematodes, etc.
  • Raze is rival for fungal disease.
  • It is compatible with all pesticides.


Crop Target Diseases Dosage Spray Interval(Days)& Dose
Potato, carrot, tomato Early Blight 2.0 ml 10 days @ 2ml/litre
Turmeric Leaf spot 4.0 ml 5 days @ 2ml/litre
Vegetables & Flowers Powdery mildew 2.0 ml 10 days @ 2ml/litre
Chilly, cotton, grapes & hill crops Blast & Sheath 2.0 ml 10 days @ 2ml/litre
Paddy Rot diseases 3times @10 days interval @ 2.0 ml/lit
Banana Panama Wilt 4.0 ml 10 days @ 2ml/litre
Gourds Anthracnose 2.0 ml 10 days @ 2ml/litre
Fruit Crops Fruit Rot 4.0 ml

Pack Sizes:

  • 250ml

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