Organic Insect & diseases control - ALLTERA

ALLTERA is an Organic Insect and diseases control formulation developed specifically to address the needs of the farmers. It is sustainable and easy to use granular formulation especially for Paddy crops.


  • Alltera controls leaf folder, stem borer, horned caterpillar, etc.
  • This product facilitate to prevents diseases like blast and leaf spot especially in Paddy crop.
  • Using Alltera will assist to increase the number of tillers in hills.
  • Alltera also controls Prodenia insects and diseases like leaf spot and grain discoloration.
  • During application of this product in Sugarcane field will controls the stem borer in all three stages.
  • Applying this product can resist Insects in turmeric and banana crop


  • Use 4 kg of ALLTERA either with sand or with fertilizer for application in 1acre area.

Pack Sizes:

  • 4kg

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