Organic Viricide - IDEAL

IDEAL is developed for matching up with ever increasing viral disease in agricultural fields. It’s been an organic product with combination of naturally occurring plant products which perform as a marvellous cure for all crops.


  • Ideal controls the sucking insects which act as a vector to transfer the diseases.
  • This product keeps in check the multiplication of the causative organism of virus.
  • It gives immunity to the plants against the invading virus.
  • It is compatible with all the insecticides/fungicides etc.


Crop Target Diseases Dosage
Brinjal Little Leaf virus 1.0 ml
Coriander Little Leaf virus 1.0 ml
Sugarcane & Maize Grassy Stunt virus 1.0 ml
Bhendi(Okra) Little Leaf & Yellow Mosaic 1.0 ml
Tomato Ring Mosaic 1.0 ml
Chillies Chilly Ring Mosaic 1.0 ml
All Gourds such as ash gourds, pumpkins, snake, ridge gourds, melons, bitter gourd. Yellow Mosaic 1.0 ml
Ground nut Ring Mosaic 1.0 ml
Banana Bunchy Top virus, Cucumber virus etc. 1.0 ml
Rice Rice Tungro Virus(RTV) 1.0 ml
Peas, Black Gram, Green gram, Red Gram and other pulse crops & Vegetables Yellow Mosaic 1.0 ml

Pack Sizes:

  • 30ml, 50ml, 100ml.

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