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        This Industry is in vogue since 1970s, manufacturing metals for industrial and Agricultural markets. Previously, using Zinc metals, many other products such as Zinc Ash, Zinc hydroxide, Zinc Sulphate were produced. Then after diversification in this manufacture of zinc metals and its products, other metals and their products such as iron, manganese and copper which are also finding a place in agricultural market as micronutrients. These micronutrients are required in small quantities for crop growth and are essentially required for crop growth and productivity. They play important roles in the biosynthesis of chlorophyll, many enzymes, and vitamins and in the oxidation – reduction reactions, respiration etc. With this in view, Our Company have initiated production of micronutrient mixtures considering the geographical conditions and field requirements. On addressing the deficiency of micronutrient is more prevalent.

        Swetha Agrotech crop solutions business has a wide choice of products that cater to the entire crop lifecycle. Our constantly evolving product portfolio includes of plant protection, soil and crop productivity enhancers. We are constantly rethinking traditional ways of reaching our farmers and distributors; working and changing how they reach their consumers and markets. We are driven by our commitment to develop innovative methods that sustain agricultural production. This commitment leads us to bring agro inputs that improve farmers’ lives by helping them be more productive while using fewer resources – leading to a reduced overall burden on the environment.


To be the most preferred brand for complete crop solutions as well as by improving the quality of consumer lifestyle.


Our progress is to lead an innovation in complete crop solutions and by serving farmer's agricultural desire.

Core Values

  • Customer Centric: We exist to serve our customers and we sell products that our customers understand and value.
  • Integrity: We will be fair, ingenuous, transparent and ethical in our conduct; everything we do must stand the test of civic scrutiny.
  • Efficiency: We utilise our resources to the core and deliver the essential output at appropriate timeframe.
  • Excellence: We will be passionate about achieving the utmost standards of quality.
  • Pioneering: We will be bold and agile, courageously taking on challenges, using deep consumer insight to develop innovative solutions.


        Our Managing Director Mr R.Ravichandran is Bachelor’s Degree holder in Chemistry from a reputed College in Chennai, South India. Though, he is a chemist by profession, he has made it possible to establish organic agricultural products such as plant growth promoters/protectors, insecticides and fungicides which are eco -friendly.

                 He started his professional career some 30 years back in metallurgy and instead of the production of raw metals, produced materials that are vital for crop growth and higher yields. Instead of single micronutrient element, a combination (micro nutrient mixtures) of elements that have a potential to provide the highest level of yield, though they are essential in low doses for the crop growth. The micro nutrient mixtures produced by this firm provided exemplary response in controlling the Hollow Heart deficiency syndrome in Cauliflower crop, Whip tail and laddering disease in Banana, small leaves production in mango, small inter nodal distance in sugarcane etc.,


        For this purpose, a modern commercial manufacturing factory for micro nutrient mixtures, insecticide, fungicides, plant growth promoter and sticker and the metal factories were established. These manufacturing units are located at the one of oldest Metropolis i.e. Chennai, Where the connectivity by all surface mode is easily accessible.

        In addition we have advanced lab facility to own and to use instrument like Atomic Absorption Spectrometer and DTPA extractant. All quality control works in the finished products are being done using this instrument. Which is one of old and a pioneering institution and the brand names had been changed to suit the changing hours and products. Many diversified products are manufactured in the organic or bio spheres of agricultural sciences to infuse in it the Eco-friendly and to avoid pollution.


        We primarily focus on quality thus: the entire production process at our organisation is carries out under the strict supervision of qualified professional. At our well-developed quality testing unit, we have all the requite machines and tools that help the team of quality controller to conduct various tests. They ensure that the ingredients and raw material that is used in the production process is sourced from reliable vendors. After the complete production process, every single agro and plastic product is tested so as to ensure that only flawless product range is delivered at the clients end.


        Being a pioneer in Agriculture input business, we are associated with Indian State Governments, State Agriculture Universities and other leading Agricultural channel partners on developmental and distribution works.

        Swetha Agrotech crop solutions business has presence in multi country operations of its product in region of Asian and African market. Additionally, we also work closely with overseas trade partners to look out for crop solutions. We do also help our network of stakeholders find new methods to increase productivity and gain competitive advantage.

        We always welcome for new trade partner like dealers, distributors and overseas representative. If you are interested in our product portfolio and Swetha Agrotech could be the right brand to get associated to grow and expand across please CONTACT US