Diamond Boost is Organic Plant Yield Booster which is formulation of organic ingredients like Chilean Salt Petre, Humic Acid, Amino Acid, fulvic acid which are environmentally friendly. Diamond Boost developed specially for foliar usage which helps to enhance the yield of the crop in eco friendly practise.


Composition Participation
Amino Acid 40% v/v
Chilean Salt Petre 30% v/v
Fulvic Acid 20% v/v
Humic Acid 10% v/v
Total 100% v/v


  • Diamond Booast consist of Amino acid which represents as plant protein materials, as well as impart the resistance to plant against pest diseases and drought tolerance to plant.
  • Diamond Booast also contains Humic Acid which is ultimate decomposition of organic material.
  • Diamond Booast will result to increase in yield by 30%.


Crop Spraying From D /Sowing/ D/ Planting No of Times @ 10 Days interval
Paddy 15th day 3
Turmeric 30th day 5
Tapioca 30th day 5
Tomota 30th day 5
Bhendi 30th day 5
Brinjal 30th day 5
Maize 15th day 4
Bengal gram 15th day 4
Carrot 30th day 5
Potato 30th day 5
Beets 30th day 5
Onion 15th day 3
Jasmine 15th day 5
Tea 30th day 5
Coffee 30th day 4
Cardamom 30th day 5
Grapes 15th day 4
Mango 15th day 4
Lemon 15th day 4
Cashew 15th day 4
Cotton 15th day 5

Pack Sizes:

  • 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1litre.

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